Promotion: TV – Radio – Web – Print Media

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS can raise your company profile by placing you at the heart of the national news. While many public relation firms charge over the odds for press releases that end in the newsroom bin, LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS uses its contacts to ensure products or services reach desired audience worldwide. What We do -  LP Media Consultancy

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS offers and charge clients according to the media coverage that is actually achieved. It can devise a media strategy to ensure that companies remain on the news agenda to help establish them as a market leader. LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS listens to the clients very carefully and works on achieving the objectives set.

Media Strategies

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS team works with multi dimensional approach on all sides of the media and press.

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Mission & Values

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS use contacts inside and outside of the media to create unique bespoke solutions for individuals and businesses.

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What We do?

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is a uniquely positioned media consultancy in the heart of London.

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LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is leading publicist having large number of personal contacts inside and outside the media world.

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What we can do?

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS can raise the profile of organisations and individuals in a professional and unique multi layered approach.

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