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Promotion – Protection – Prevention

Most businesses are trading on their reputation and credibility it is vital they have media experts to turn to if a problem is looming in the press and media.

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS believe that pro-active approach and early intervention are keys to protecting companies and their products. LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS offer a business ‘health and reality check’ in which we send in media experts to assess how an organisation may be vulnerable to an attack from the media and press. This approach allows LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS team to set up safeguards and provide solutions before a reporter has called at your doorstep.

Businesses and companies with litigation and upcoming court cases or employment tribunals, LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS experts can make assessments of how the events are likely to play out in the media so that companies and businesses can make informed commercial decisions with the media view in mind.

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS can also set in place strategies that negate any damage or even turn a potentially negative position into positive PR. Because LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS experts are experienced investigative media journalism therefore we know exactly what print, web media, newspaper, television and radio reporters are looking for and so we can head them off at the pass.

An early consultation with us is advised to counter the issue before it is too big.

Media Strategies

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS team works with multi dimensional approach on all sides of the media and press.

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Mission & Values

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS use contacts inside and outside of the media to create unique bespoke solutions for individuals and businesses.

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What We do?

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is a uniquely positioned media consultancy in the heart of London.

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LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is leading publicist having large number of personal contacts inside and outside the media world.

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What we can do?

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS can raise the profile of organisations and individuals in a professional and unique multi layered approach.

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