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Welcome to Media Consultancy arm of The London Post and Media Group (LPMG) Limited, United Kingdom.

We are a press and media consultancy part of The London Post and Media Limited, United Kingdom, that designs practical, bespoke solutions for our clients in need of press and media advice.  Headed by Dr Shahid Qureshi (PhD) a senior journalist, writer, broadcaster, strategist and international analyst.

Our team has years of proven track record in successfully representing businesses, media personalities and members of the public. Whether enhancing reputations or protecting them, placing stories or keeping them out, The London Post Media Group offer practical, media coaching, media training, effective advice on all media matters. We operate at the highest level both inside and outside of the media means that we can create effective and safe strategies for our clients requiring media advice.

Our specialisation

Acute Awareness

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is built on a background of news gathering which required it to be acutely aware of what interests, excites and motivates the public in the UK and worldwide.  LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS network developed so that it is now in a unique position to be able to feed into mainstream news as well as target specific areas, such as marketing, business and showbiz and fashion.


LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS can raise the profile of organisations and individuals in a professional and unique multi layered approach. LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is able to create general awareness campaigns aimed at the public while simultaneously running a more concentrated public relations PR campaign targeting individual areas of interests.

Inform & Educate

LP MEDIA CONSULTANTS is in position to inform and educate media preventing unwanted stories from being published or broadcast due to broad contact base and reputation.

We are good at

Media Consultancy 99%
Media Guide 96%
Media Research 98%
Media Presence 97%
Communication 99%
Publication 98%
Promotion 97%